Richard Branson asks why governments are still funding nuclear power stations. See his link¬†http://bit.ly/Fwu7O. I couldn’t agree more, especially after the disaster in Japan.

What are the alternatives? We know the popular ones like solar, wind and the like but very little is being done about researching current electricity usage. I have a theory that we are robbed blind by the utility companies because they cannot or do not measure domestic electricity usage accurately (as much as a 50% overcharge I’m guessing - no hard facts yet!). If you don’t believe this statement try getting Eskom to lend you a measuring device/metre to measure consumption in the house. If you get one, the measurements are anything but reliable - I dare you to test it.

Lots of money for researching nuclear power but very little money for researching viable alternatives based on the current invested infrastructure. Why no funding for investigating misinterpretation of the natural laws that govern electricity?Branson asks valid questions but he is really passive on the issue and he has the resources to generate great interest by stimulating debate, reasoning and research.

(Source: bit.ly)